GTA Online: Where to Find All the Treasure Chests on the Cayo Perico Island

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Guys, we have a new GTA Online Weekly Update, and we are making the most out of it. It added a lot of substance to the game, and we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the treasure chests.

So these treasure chests can be found on the Cayo Perico island. Of course, the Cayo Perico island is a treasure itself, so there’s no surprise it has a lot to offer. And we’re talking about both land and underwater surprises.

You can find the chests during Scoping Missions for The Cayo Perico Heist. For this one, you need to make sure you look for one on land and one underwater. All of the chests come with valuables you do not want to miss.

Every day, you get two treasure chests on this island. In total, there are 19 treasure chests. Ten can be found on land and nine underwater. Each day, you may find at least one on land and one in water. But keep in mind that you’ll never find two underwater and two on land on the same day.

The treasures can offer $15,000 and 1000 RP each.

Where are the treasures?

On land

  • On the South-West of the runaway, you will find one next to some water containers.
  • On the South-West of the runaway, you will find one next to two boats that are placed next to one another.
  • On the North of the airstrip, you will find one on the beach.
  • At the North Drop Zone, you will find one next to the shed.
  • On the East side of the North Dock, there’s one waiting for you.
  • On the North of the West Beach, you will find one in the sand.
  • At one of the anti-air missile systems, there’s a treasure chest.
  • In the South of the Island, there’s one that’s next to the dirt cul-de-sac.
  • At the Main Dock, there’s one close to a red crane.


  • On the South of the airstrip, you will find one.
  • On the North of the airstrip, there’s one.
  • On the North-West of the runway, you will definitely find one.
  • Between the largest island and a smaller one, check there.
  • Next to the heavily guarded checkpoint, it’s worth finding one.
  • On the North-East of the North Drop Zone, there’s one.
  • On the West of a dirt roundabout, you’ll find one chest.
  • Under the jetty, there’s one there, so definitely check there.
  • On the North of the lighthouse, in a small bay, is another one.


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