Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event: These Are All the Skin Available for Purchase

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The Raiders Collection Event will be here soon, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about it.

During this event, we will see the popular Winter Express making a come back – it seems that this event will replace the traditional Holo-Day Bash event, which was an important part of the Apex universe.

Be ready to enjoy plenty of rewards, including some new skins.

Here are all of the skins confirmed so far

Respawn Entertainment doesn’t really tell us a lot about the new content, but we have managed to learn some stuff from here and there.

There will be 24-themed, limited-time cosmetics at this event. Wraith, Valkyrie and Bloodhound will get their own skins, that’s for sure.

These are the skins available for purchase

  • Revenant Burial at Sea Skin – this skin will be available for both weeks of the event. It’s a pirate one, and one of the seven items will be available in the bundle.
  • Octane Sonic Boom Skin – this one will be available in the second week of the event. A skin will also be available in the Faster Faster Faster! Bundle. The blue and pink skin will be on from December 14th.
  • Gibraltar Gibraltron Bundle – will be back for this event, and it will be available from the 7th of December, until the 14th.
  • Wattson Deep Current Skin – this is a new skin, and it will be part of the Deep Current Bundle, which will be available beginning with the 7th of December. It will be available throughout the entire event.
  • Caustic Killing Joke – this skin is inspired by none other than The Joker, and will return just in time for Christmas. It can be found in the Killing Joke Bundle.
  • Bangalore Killing Machine Skin – this classing Bangalore skin is back, part of the Bring the Pain Bundle.
  • Lifeline Breach and Clear Skin – this skin is available in the first week of the event, from the 7th until the 14th.
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