People With Natural COVID Immunity Might Inspire New Vaccines

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Scientists believe that learning how some people naturally avoid Coronavirus infections, while being exposed to the virus, might lead to improved vaccinations.

Some individuals had a level of Covid-immunity before the outbreak, according to a team from University College London. This is most likely due to the body understanding how to resist viruses similar to the one that has swept the globe.

Adapting vaccinations to mimic this protection might make the vaccines even more successful, according to the researchers. During the initial wave of the epidemic, scientists kept a tight eye on hospital workers, obtaining blood samples on a regular basis.

Despite being in a high-risk situation, not all of the participants in the research contracted Covid. The findings, which were published in the journal Nature, revealed that some people were able to prevent contracting the virus.

However, about one out of every ten people showed indicators of being exposed but never experienced symptoms, never screened positive, and never created virus-fighting antibodies in the blood. Some of their immune response was able to fight the virus off before it could take root, resulting in an “abortive infection.”


These persons possessed defensive T-cells, which recognize and destroy Covid-infected cells, according to blood samples taken before the epidemic. One of the researchers, Dr. Leo Swadling, stated that their immune systems were already “prepared” to tackle the new illness.

These T-cells were able to detect a different portion of the virus than the one that conventional vaccinations teach the immune system to look for. The spike protein, which coats the Covid virus’s outer layer, is the target of most vaccines. These uncommon T-cells, on the other hand, were able to see into the virus and identify the proteins required for it to multiply.

“The healthcare workers that were able to control the virus before it was detectable were more likely to have these T-cells that recognize the internal machinery before the start of the pandemic,” explained one of the researchers.

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