Guardians of the Galaxy Update 1.04 & 1.5 Patch Notes: All You Need to Know

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Square Enix has released Guardians of the Galaxy in October, and everyone is quite happy with it. The number of sales plays a huge role in the popularity of a game, and it is safe to say that Guardians of the Galaxy has passed the test.

We’re getting a new update for PS4, PS5, and PC. It’s primarily hotfixes, and it solves many issues from the gameplay. The update will be available for Xbox next week.

These are the Update 1.04 & 1.5 Patch Notes

Chapter 1 – Gamora’s tutorial is not bypassed anymore

Chapter 2 – You won’t get stuck after the banter selection

Chapter 3 – Reloading the checkpoint after backtracking through a funnel will not block your progression anymore. Also, in Chapter 3, they’ve fixed a rare issue where you might die instantly at one of the QTEs with Gamora. Also, you won’t become stuck in the workbench UI

Chapter 5 – The Grenadier now spawns as usual

Chapter 6 – Star-Lord does not get stuck into a shop’s counter top anymore

Chapter 7 – The checkpoint after the Helmet room now triggers as normal. Also, in Chapter 7, Drax can be ordered to pull the crane before the Centurion fight starts.  They have also fixed the Crane puzzle in Hangar Bay.

Chapter 10 – You won’t get stuck in the fog fight

Chapter 12 – You won’t get stuck in the Workbench UI

Chapter 13 – The camera won’t get stuck on the Milano cockpit when it lands. Also, in Chapter 13, Star-Lord won’t get stuck in a funnel.

There are other multiple improvements for Star-Lord navigation across multiple maps – boundaries and collisions. Also, the occasional problems with Guardian navigation are now solved.

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