Rust Update 1.10: Here Are the Patch Notes

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  1. UI
  2. Audio
  3. Bug fixes
  4. Crash fixes

Rust has been a success since day one, and it seems that we’re getting more from developers. This game is a multiplayer-only survival game that was developed by Facepunch Studios. It was first released as early access back in December 2013, and it received its full release in February 2018. The game is available on console, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

Rust has received a new update today, and we’re here to tell you everything we know.

This new update does not include new features, but it does fix some bugs, and it comes with performance improvements. One of the most annoying errors, the voice chat crashing one, is finally fixed.

Here are the patch notes for the update:


  • The locker now has a favourite option
  • The items in the crafting UI can use the favourite skin if you set it
  • They’ve fixed a hang on the loading screen that appears when you open the skin store
  • The scroll on the audio subcategory from options is working again


  • The Hitmarker/Headshot mix is adjusted
  • In the audio options menu, they have added a Hitmarker/Headshot volume slider
  • In the audio options menu, they have added a Footstep volume slider
  • There are nail gun attenuation fixes
  • They have also added extra volume overhead in the in-game music slider

Bug fixes

  • Emissive lights on the shinobi door – you can now see it in the dark
  • You are safe in the safe zone – no animals or helicopters will target you anymore
  • When you throw an item in another item dropped by the player, it won’t disappear anymore.
  • The small in-game hangs are also fixed.

Crash fixes

  • The crash related to voice chat is not a problem anymore.
  • When resuming a game on the Rust Coins screen, there won’t be a crash anymore
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