Halloween Skins to Try This Year in Minecraft

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Minecraft is the game of possibilities. Did you know that you can customize pretty much everything? From the color of your bed, your pet’s collar, or even your own appearance. There are plenty of choices out there, and most of the colors are easy to get with the different dyes in the game.

And since Halloween is in just a few days, we are here to help you make memories that will last forever. There are plenty of skins for you, and we’re here to tell you which ones you should get.

Creepy girl

This skin comes with a girl that has pale skin – as if she were a ghost. She has red horns, and her outfit is black and red. It’s kinda dark, kinda creepy, and her facial expression surely does not help. Her demon-like vibe is great for Halloween.

Scream costume

Surely you’ve heard of the famous horror movie series called Scream. If not, you must know GhostFace, which has become a classic Halloween character. Well, this Halloween skin is perfect for Minecraft, with the screaming face mask and the long, black robe.

Pumpkin face

This skin comes with a striped orange and brown t-shirt – you know, the colors of the pumpkin. The shoes also have orange. The mask is shaped like a pumpkin, and it has lopsided eyes and a very creepy smile. This skin is perfect, it represents the Halloween spirit totally, and it’s great for Minecraft players that want to celebrate this holiday.

Smiling man

It is safe to say that this one is the creepiest skin we’ve ever seen. It has black eyes, with red pupils. It wears a torn shirt, and that’s probably blood on its face. Its smile is so creepy, and it could give you nightmares – which is why it is the best choice for Halloween.

Pumpkin spirit

This is yet another pumpkin skin – but now, the entire outfit is made out of a pumpkin. We’re getting Steve here, the original Minecraft character. He wears a pumpkin costume, and it even has leaves on top of his head. Of course, there’s also a creepy smiley face on the chest. Kinda cute, kinda scary, if you’re asking us.

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