Call of Duty Vanguard: Are We Getting Ranked Play?

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Ranked playlists in Call of Duty have never really been a thing – some titles featured this competitive thing, others ignored it at all. And the last ranked playlist that came to Black Ops Cold War wasn’t really what we expected.

Vanguard will soon be here, and fans are wondering whether there will be a multiplayer in the game, which could include a ranked playlist using the same rules as the Call of Duty League. Here is all we know so far.

When it comes to multiplayer, things are a bit more complicated. Usually, a ranked playlist is released a few weeks after the game gets released. But let’s be clear on one thing, the developers are known for creating the best Call of Duty ranked playlists. The very best work appeared in 2016’s World War 2. It came with s great MMR system and a clear structure – you could clearly see where you rank and who’s next to you.

But we do come with good news: Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that there will be modes with competitive standards. They will arrive after Vanguard is released, which means that we’re getting ranked playlists.

When is the release date?

Keeping in mind that we’re soon getting Vanguard – on November 5th, the ranked playlists will probably be released on December 2nd. We’re ready for Season 1 and its surprises.

Developers have been gathering feedback from both their users and professional players, and we’re sure that the gaming and all of the other aspects will be on point and enjoyable for everyone. Since ranked play is an important thing for gamers, we cannot wait to see how it all turns out.

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