Boruto Episode 221: When Is the Release Date, and What Will Happen to Boruto?

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Boruto has just given us many feels we don’t know how to handle. Naruto’s next-generation has managed to build a great fanbase, ready at all times to get involved in the story. These past 220 episodes were great, but what will happen in episode 221?

What was episode 220 about?

This quick recap will definitely put you back in the story and make you feel ready for what’s to come. The story is built episode by episode. The drama is intense, and we’re all curious about what’s to happen next.

We know Kwaki met with Naruto while getting back home. He gave the arms back, but it seems he really wants to become a Genoin. Boruto, however, he wants to live in the mountains. This thing, of course, worried his close ones. But Boruto still has to deal with his problems, and nothing seems to get him out of his sad mood. He just seems lost, and days go by, and nothing happens. He really wants to move on from the Karma thing, and Naruto is here to help. Will he manage to do so?

So when is the new episode released?

The new episode will be out in just a few days. Its name is “Chunin Game: Again,” and it will be released on the 24th of October, 2021. We have heard that the new episode will be more exciting, and the audience will learn more about Boruto’s state.

Can I watch the TV show online?

Of course! All of the episodes are online, and you can watch episode 221 exclusively on Crunchyroll & AnimeLab – of course, if you are from Japan. Other streaming platforms include Funimation & VRV.

What do you think will happen to Boruto?

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