The God of High School: Can We Expect Season 2?

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If you’re into comedy and animes full of supernatural events, it means that you should definitely give The God of High School a chance. The show was adapted from a Korean manga series, and it follows the adventures of Mori Jin, a 17-year-old teenager from Seoul who’s passionate about martial arts.

The first season of The God of High School ended after 13 episodes back in September 2020. The fans had the chance to watch the anime via Tokyo MX, AT-X channels, as well as HBO Max.

Season 2 of The God of High School is unconfirmed so far

At the moment, there’s no confirmation from official sources that a second season for The God of High School is in the works. But even so, our bet is that Season 2 will definitely come sooner or later, and many people believe so.

Simply given the popularity of the anime, it’s clear that it’s in everybody’s best interest that Season 2 will come. The show has a rating that’s over 7 on IMDb, and the reviews are above average.

Usually, animes of such popularity are easily continued with a fresh new season. This means that it must be the case for The God of High School as well.

The storyline sounds like this, according to IMDb:

The God of High School focuses on Jin Mo-Ri, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. He is invited to join a tournament, sponsored by an unknown, mysterious organization, no one knows about to select martial artists that will later take part in even bigger tournament. The God of High School is a competition of martial artists across the whole world and the most skillful warrior will take it all. However, little is known about the shady tournaments taking place.—Scientiiaa

The main stars of The God of High School are Robbie Daymond, Landon McDonald, and Tara Sands.

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