Apple Music Will Cost More for Students in a Few Countries

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Apple Music is one of the most generous apps to use for listening to music. It has a catalog of more than 90 million songs. You can use the service to listen to music from any kind of genre, from classical to metal.

According to, the Apple Music subscription will cost more for students in a few countries: Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Kenya.

A difference of $0.50

The new subscription price doesn’t represent a major increase from the initial cost (only $0.50 represents the difference), however, and the college students in question are already getting notified by Apple regarding the shift.

An Apple user from South Africa received the following email:

Thank you for subscribing to Apple Music. We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to this subscription.

Apple is raising the price of this subscription from USD 1.49 per month to USD 1.99 per month. Your subscriptiuon will automatically renew for USD 1.99 per month starting on 20 June unless you cancel at least one day before. To learn more or cancer, review your subscription.

Apple Music seems totally worth the subscription money. The service offers more than 30,000 playlists, so the user will never run out of material to listen to. If he doesn’t know what to listen to next, Apple Music will gladly recommend him entire playlists.

There are lots of services for music streaming to choose from, and Apple Music is among the most popular ones. If the monthly cost will be $1.99 for students, the service usually charges its users $5 per month. Other suitable alternatives are Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and others.

Do you use Apple Music? Are you satisfied with the service? Feel free to tell us in a comment below!

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