Discord Music Bots Not Working—What’s The Solution?

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Since around October 9th, 2019, we have discovered that many popular bots for playing songs on Discord servers aren’t working as they should when trying to play music from specific websites. According to the developers of numerous of these bots, several websites, including YouTube and Sound cloud, have blocked the access these bots have to music hosted on their sites. The extent of the impacted sites could change, and the bot creators will have more current information.

Discord music bots are only one of the many options offered to Discord users. Many individuals are unaware that the popular program may also be used to stream material. People who use Discord’s streaming capability can take advantage of a variety of capabilities, including Discord music bots. These music bots essentially allow you to play music on your Discord stream while using it. 

The bots can be programmed to play a certain song, which will be heard by all users currently connected to the stream. However, the Discord music bots don’t always work, which is inconvenient, especially if you’re in the middle of a stream. If this has ever transpired to you or is currently happening to you, there are a few things you may do to resolve the problem.

Verify Bot Access:

Various developers create musical bots, and in certain situations, the developers may have imposed limitations on their applications. This is true for many music bots on Discord, and it may be true for the one you’re using as well. Many of these music bots have been banned from playing a large portion of the music on YouTube and Sound cloud during live streaming.

Visit the official website or webpage of the music bot you’re using to see if there are any prohibitions. You can do something logical if there are few constraints, and your bot has restrictions on either Sound cloud or YouTube. You may try to change the music-bot you’re using right now, or you could look for the audio you’re looking for on a website other than Sound cloud or YouTube.

Examine your Discord permissions:

It’s also possible that you’re the one who unintentionally disabled your bot’s ability to play music during live feeds. This is a common cause of this problem, and the great thing is that it is simple to resolve. Many times, it is Discord’s permissions that are stopping your music bot from running properly. Numerous credentials must be granted, and you must ensure that they are all given. All of these permissions are typically required for music bots to perform tasks if they work correctly.

Ascertain that someone is paying attention:

When there are no viewers to listen to the music, many music bots will stop playing it or will not play it at all. It saves vital resources, and it is a built-in feature that cannot be turned off. Make sure there’s someone around who can listen to the music; otherwise, it won’t play, and you’ll think the music bot isn’t operating.

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