Warcraft Movie 2 Still Hanging By a Thread

Warcraft Movie 2

There are rumors going on about Warcraft 2 a few years after the original film was released in 2016. However, according to critics, the film’s adaptation from the World of Warcraft game series may not likely earn a sequel even after gaining over $433 million worldwide at the box office.

In fact, Warcraft director Duncan Jones has stated that his plans of completing a trilogy may not likely happen. Despite the stunning effort by the actors, director, production crew, and special effects, making the film fantastic and magical.

What’s Wrong with Warcraft Movie?

Since the film was done right, what could have been wrong with it? A lot of people may not notice this, but the answer lies in the most important character in the video game film, which is the player.

Critics may not have been open to the narrative structure chosen by the director. This is because Warcraft casted both sides of the conflict being sympathetic in humans versus orcs.

Fans loved it as the approach was core to the Warcraft games. This is where players should feel some affiliation with the characters they would play on both sides. Moreover, people open to the concept also loved the movie.

What People Want To See?

If there should be a Warcraft 2 or even a third installment to the franchise, there are a few ways to make the sequel a better movie.

  • Main Character

The lack of focus of the film may have been one of the problems here. Having a character and seeing the movie from his perspective would have been great.

  • Other Races

The movie only focused on the conflict between humans and orcs. Other races such as dwarves, elves, and gnomes were non-existent. This might have become more interesting as it may become vital in future games.

  • More Naval And Aerial Combat

Warcraft 2 should add some naval and aerial combat to the film not seen in the first film. Warcraft had some beautiful flying mounts. Therefore, some action scenes involving air combat could have been amazing.

  • Burning Legion

Since there was already a hint that the battle between humans and orcs was influenced by an outside force in Warcraft, requests about bringing the Burning Legion to the forefront should be done in the sequel.

Lastly, if Warcraft 2 has to be made, the director must not forget to pick a single story and have faith in his ability to portray both sides. Thus, this character should be allowed to remotely inhabit the universe he has created.

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