When Will the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 be Released?

Pirates of the Caribbean 6

“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a Walt Disney Pictures series breaking box office records worldwide. The Disney film series is the 14th highest grossing film series of all time.

In fact, the first franchise with more than one film which grossed $1 billion globally. With the success of the previous installments, the 6th film is much anticipated.

Last Pirates of the Caribbean Movie

It has been 3 years since the last movie was released; Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It was still back in 2017 since the film was shown in theaters worldwide. Although it was previously announced that the 5th and the 6th movie will be filmed back-to-back, it did not happen.

There have been reports that the 6th film in the franchise will not feature Johnny Depp. The next Pirates of the Caribbean screenplay is soon to be finished, but unsure if Captain Jack Sparrow will still be in the movie.

Problems and Issues with the Making of Pirates of the Caribbean 6

It is said that there are a couple of problems causing the delay of the project. Just this May 2020, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that Johnny Depp’s involvement in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is unsure. And with the screenplay is still underway, this remains to be seen.

Joachim Rønning is confirmed to direct the 6th film while Disney is considering Karen Gillan as the female lead. Gillan is a Scottish actress who has starred in famous movies like Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: EndGame, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Jumanji: The Next Level, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Who series

Will Johnny Depp be still playing Captain Jack Sparrow?

It seems that Johnny Depp will not be in the 6th film. Since Disney is considering a female lead in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film, perhaps Captain Jack Sparrow will appear in a limited capacity. It could be that the new film will introduce a new character for a change to the character Johnny Depp has exceptionally portrayed.

With Jerry Bruckheimer’s “unsure” statement, it seems that we cannot see John Depp in the upcoming film. But then again, it remains to be seen. Captain Jack Sparrow’s return may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are working on the 6th film.

Will the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 have the same success?

The Pirates of the Caribbean film was embraced by moviegoers for its high-quality effects and acting. The global success of the series is undeniable. Fans worldwide have been anticipating for the 6th installment.

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