Final Fantasy XVI Release Date and Other Updates

Final Fantasy XVI

Is Final Fantasy XVI already in development?

Final Fantasy is one of the longest-running computer games series embraced by gamers worldwide. Many computer games were introduced in the last couple of years, but Final Fantasy remains on top of the list in the game industry.

Final Fantasy is an action role-playing game incorporating action, magic, andcamping. The game further developed adding more features and options for multiplayer, downloadable content, and other characters.

Gamers have seen changes and additions to Final Fantasy in the last couple of years. But what can gamers expect in Final Fantasy XVI? Is production on going?

When is the Final Fantasy XVI release date?

The last edition of Final Fantasy was published in July 2019.  Square Enix has not talked about the new edition yet. Given that Square Enix has shifted its focus on Final Fantasy 7 remake, most likely there will be no Final Fantasy XVI update just yet.

The upcoming release of Final Fantasy XVI is very unlikely to happen. The waiting game can be daunting, but global fans cannot hear anything about the new release in the next 2-3 years.

Updates and development should come from Square Enix. But for now, Final Fantasy XVI will not be available anytime soon.

What to expect with the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI

Many fans are looking forward to Final Fantasy XVI but a new series will not be available soon.

With no idea on what Final Fantasy XVI will be, fans can only rely on Naoki Yoshida (FFXIV director) comment that Final Fantasy XVI should stay focused on fantasy elements and less machinery.  

In an interview at Paris Fan Festival, Naoki Yoshida commented that he would like a Final Fantasy that is straightforward fantasy.  Whether the next release will highlight fantasy elements, many fans are still wondering what is in store.

Final Fantasy XVI Trailer

A 4+ minute trailer was released in April 2019. Sadly, Square Enix never released a Final Fantasy XVI trailer.  The said trailer has generated over 3 million views already showcasing designs of some characters.  If you have not watched the video yet, you can see to appreciate it.

Is There a Final Fantasy XVI?

Final Fantasy franchise is more than 30 years old.  If there will be a Final Fantasy XVI release, it must be fun and innovative and fun to accommodate the old players and new comers. But as of now, Final Fantasy XVI release is unsure.

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