Will We See Magneto Returning In Doctor Strange 2?

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, will be a boiling cauldron for various different Marvel realms that we never imagined to collide. And, with this film, we’ll witness a slew of appearances that will be a dream come true for many Marvel fans.  Magneto is one of the most eagerly awaited appearances.

The second episode of the Doctor Strange series is expected to be one of the most epic multiverse crossovers ever witnessed by viewers. The multiverse ideas initially appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the program Loki, and then proceeded directly to the pool of possibilities in another series. What happens if…? In Spider-Man: No Way Home, however, we saw yet another case of multiversal crossovers. And, thanks to Wanda Maximoff of WandaVision, the multiverse’s lunacy has passed the stage of yet another film.

In the last teaser, we got a peek of the kind of individuals that would appear in the film. And one thing that is clear from this teaser (which included Sir Patrick Stewart’s narration as Professor X), is that the MCU is integrating the X-Men squad into its family. Whenever we think of X-Men, we can’t imagine them without the anti-hero figure Magneto. Indeed, Magneto’s appearance in the Multiverse of Madness will be ideal for Doctor Strange.

Magneto and Wanda

Magneto is linked with Wanda Maximoff, not only because he has a complicated but profound relationship with Charles Xavier AKA Professor X. Wanda will play a key part in the next successor film of Doctor Strange, as hinted by multiple teasers including the most recent trailer. Wanda’s character growth, as shown in WandaVision, has led her down a dark road. She is on her way to completely change into the Scarlet Witch following the loss of her family and the life she created for herself. Magneto’s fury and hate were driven by his sad loss, and her sad existence may create a mirror for his anger and hatred.

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