Do We Have A Release Date For Jojo Part 9

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We’re here to provide you the latest information on the forthcoming Jojo Part 9, as many of you have already shown an interest in learning more. Even though Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has become a household name in the world of anime, the tale is still unfolding and isn’t expected to come to a conclusion any time soon. The fantastic tale that the anime has been putting out has received a warm reception from the viewing public.

It’s worth bringing up the fact that the anime has been there for more than three decades, and the series had quite an impact on its audience. Araki, who is most known for being the series’ original creator but who has just celebrated his 61st birthday, has shown no signs of slowing down and is now working on the title so that we may expect more in the near future.

The enthusiasm is also being felt on the internet at this moment since fans are aware that they will be receiving more of the franchise in the near future. There have been a lot of reports claiming Araki has confirmed that the franchise would be returning with yet another part 9 and it will be named Jojo Lands, according to those reports.

It was revealed by the Shonen Jump officials as well that the title is finished with Part 8, but that work on the following part has not yet begun. The premise of Jojo Part 9 hasn’t been revealed, but it’s safe to say that the storyline will not disappoint the fans when it’s released in the near future.

Release date?

According to rumors, Jojo Part 9 is expected to be published in late 2022 or early 2023, which is why manga fans are impatiently waiting for the release date to be announced. Viz Media has Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures accessible for people to read, so they may follow the plot there.

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