Dragon Ball Super Manga Fixes One of Goku’s Most Embarrassing Moments From ‘Super Hero’

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Perhaps any Dragon Ball fan out there loves Goku. There are numerous reasons why you would love the character. He’s kind-hearted, he fights to protect the innocent, and he has saved the Earth numerous times and won’t hesitate to do it anytime it is needed. But boy, oh boy, is he so clumsy sometimes!

During the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out last year, Goku had an embarrassing moment when he laughed at Vegeta’s training session. Goku considered meditation useless and acted as if he didn’t even have any idea what meditation was. This attitude is contrary to Goku’s usual personality, as the beloved Saiyan has been using meditation since he was a child. The scene triggered the rage of the fans, who said that the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie ruined Goku’s character thoroughly.

Chapter 93 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga saves the day

In the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, a pivotal moment arises that solves the problem, and CBR.com brings details. Dragon Ball Super Manga has taken on the task of adapting the Super Hero movie, much like it did with previous sagas, such as Resurrection F. However, true to form, the manga adds its own unique twist to the storyline. While the film itself failed to address the significant shift in philosophies between Goku and Vegeta, leaving viewers confused and annoyed, the manga version steps in to rectify this oversight. It acknowledges Vegeta’s meditation and emphasizes Goku’s understanding and admiration for his rival’s growth.

Although the controversy surrounding the movie remains, the manga brings much-needed clarity, allowing fans to fully grasp the intricate dynamics between these two iconic characters.

The manga will fully rewrite the story of the Super Hero movie. We can expect some changes, although the story will be pretty much the same.

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