Goku vs. Broly Rematch Appears in the Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 92

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Every true Dragon Ball fan out there knows that when Broly gets mad, he means business. He’s hell unleashed, and it takes a fusion or two to ever have the least bit of chance to take him down. Goku and Vegeta had a lot to struggle with Broly, and the legendary Super Saiyan made an unforgettable appearance in the 2018 movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.”

Broly was stronger than ever in the 2018 film, as he was able to achieve godly powers, similar to Goku and Vegeta. Also, the writers changed Broly’s character and personality a lot, as the terrifying Saiyan wasn’t after Goku as most of the fans would have expected. Broly was after the Saiyan Prince Vegeta simply because of something his father did, King Vegeta, many years ago.

Goku and Broly start training once again

The Dragon Ball Super Manga, which continues to story with very exciting arcs even nowadays, at five years after the latest events of the Dragon Ball Super’s anime, presents a rematch between Goku and Broly. It seems that the big Saiyan has to find a way to control his rage, and Goku is there to lend him a helping hand. The two fighters are buddies now, and Broly has even shown a very human side back in the 2022 movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” by becoming emotional and starting to cry. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see Goku and Broly hugging and kissing in the near future.

There you have it: Goku and Broly fighting against one another in a new round. It’s obvious that the two fighters aren’t taking the confrontation too seriously, as they aren’t using any transformations as far as we can tell from the pictures that are available. They’re only using their base forms.

What’s for sure is that the Dragon Ball Super Manga never ceases to amaze us all!

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