Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Classic Add Temperature-Based Cycle Tracking and New Health Features

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Samsung has announced an important update for its Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Classic smartwatches, bringing a range of new features to the devices. Samsung has teamed up with Natural Cycles to enhance the menstrual cycle tracking feature on the Galaxy Watch5 series. By integrating temperature sensor technology and fertility tracking, users can access more detailed insights into their menstrual cycle via the Cycle Tracking feature on the Samsung Health app. This new partnership will allow Galaxy Watch5 series users to access advanced cycle tracking, giving them a better understanding of their menstrual cycle and improving their overall health and well-being. With this feature, users can more easily monitor and plan around their menstrual cycle, as well as gain insights into their overall reproductive health. The feature will be available on both the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Classic.

The new feature is based on temperature tracking, which is a well-established method of predicting ovulation and fertility. Users can input their basal body temperature each day, which is the body’s lowest resting temperature. The watch then uses this data to predict ovulation and fertility windows. In addition to the temperature-based tracking, the watch also includes a range of other health features, including blood oxygen level monitoring, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitoring. There are also new exercise and workout tracking features.

Overall, the new temperature-based cycle tracking feature is a significant addition to the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Classic, and makes the devices even more useful for women looking to monitor their menstrual cycles and fertility. The new health and fitness features are also a welcome addition, and further enhance the devices’ appeal as a comprehensive health and wellness tool. With the new updates, Samsung is clearly aiming to position the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Classic as serious competitors to other health-focused smartwatches on the market.


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