OnePlus Prepares to Launch a Phone That Packs 150W Fast Charging

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OnePlus has impressed the world in recent years with the manufacturing of some powerful phones, such as OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T, and more. The OnePlus 9 Pro model, for instance, that was released last year in March, is especially interesting for specs such as the 4,500mAh battery, the addition of 12GB of RAM, and more.

But OnePlus never seems to have enough when it comes to creating powerful portable gadgets. According to, the Chinese brand is preparing to launch a phone that’s equipped with 150W Fast Charging.

160W Fast Charging OnePlus device

MySmartPrice reveals that it has spotted a OnePlus device that features 160W Fast Charging as it was getting regulatory approval in China. This suggests that we’re very close to a launch. 160W is likely to become 150W. There’s no information yet about how the phone will be called, but the mystery will be unveiled soon enough.

The news would indeed make OnePlus shatter the competition, at least in the battery area. By comparison, Apple’s latest flagship, the highly-praised iPhone 13, has a Fast Charging function for its battery of just 23W.

Let’s take the OnePlus 9 Pro that we just mentioned. This model features Fast Charging of 65W, which is still far behind what the upcoming model will be capable of.

The OnePlus model that makes the subject of this article can only have some high-end specs if the Fast Charging function is so high. Taking, by comparison, the OnePlus 9 Pro once again, we can realistically assume that the next model won’t be sporting anywhere below a 50MP main camera setup, a processor that’s equivalent to a Snapdragon 888 5G, and more.

As for the price, we expect the upcoming OnePlus model to be worth at least 699 euros.

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