Rumor Has It That Apple Will Release A New Series X Watch To Succeed The Current Series 9

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Reportedly, Apple is considering not releasing the Watch Series 9 at all. It is speculated that Apple would replace it with the Watch Series X or Watch X, a new wearable that will commemorate 10 iterations of the Apple Watch. However, significant hardware updates may not come until 2024 at the earliest.

iPhoneSoft claims that Apple is contemplating missing the release of the Watch Series 9 in order to shake up the Watch Series release schedule for this year. Since iPhoneSoft is the sole source for this information at the moment, we would advise treating it with some skepticism for the time being since it is the only source. iPhoneSoft claims that it has unique information that it acquired from the firm since the company is said to have already alerted some of the participants in its supply chain of the change.

iPhoneSoft claims, based on information provided by Luxshare, who has been an Apple supplier since 2011, that the company would skip the Watch Series 8 in favor of the Watch X or the Watch Series X in 2017, mimicking the introduction of the iPhone X. According to the website, Apple will celebrate the company’s first 10 years of producing Apple Watches by launching the Watch Series this year. As a point of perspective, the ‘Series’ nomenclature was not implemented by Apple until the second iteration of the Apple Watch. To put it another way, the Apple Watch Series 8 is the eighth iteration of Apple Watch, which excludes the Watch SE, Watch SE 2, and Watch Ultra models.

This rumor is considered to be “sketchy” by MacRumors for a number of different reasons. Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th anniversary with the release of the iPhone X, not the device’s 10th iteration. If you exclude the first-generation iPhone SE from your count, the iPhone X was Apple’s 12th iteration of the iPhone. It is anticipated that Apple will not make any significant design modifications to the Apple Watch this year either; instead, MicroLED displays are rumored to be released in 2024. As a result, it would be unexpected for iPhoneSoft to be onto anything with the Watch X or Watch Series X.

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