An Improved User Experience Is Being Introduced With YouTube TV’s New Layout

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YouTube TV has recently made significant advancements, including the addition of new features, the acquisition of fresh content, and the dissemination of promotional materials to its existing subscriber base. Thus, it should come as no surprise that YouTube is attempting to improve the appearance and feel of its app by releasing a makeover that provides users with a more simplified experience.

Modifications to YouTube’s live guide have already been released, providing a cleaner appearance and bringing previously buried information to the forefront by moving curated suggestions to the guide’s uppermost positions. The firm has now released an upgrade to the library that will greatly improve the administration of user material. That’s because improved content filtering and management options will be made available to consumers. YouTube announced the updates in a blog post today, but it says the updates won’t be visible to users until later this year.

YouTube’s makeover centered on three main features: Live, Library, and Home, with design ideas like “empower,” “anticipate,” and “recognize” serving as inspiration. The company improved its product by incorporating suggestions from the app’s users and results from online polls. The redesigned layout includes a library view that displays more of what the user may be interested in and a more condensed live guide. It also improved the user experience by including shortcuts in the refreshed menus. The before and after images up top show some of the ways in which the design has been modified.

As a result of a huge contract it negotiated to bring NFL Sunday Ticket to its platform, YouTube TV has the potential to become a major player in the next year. The firm has also become more adaptable, enabling customers to buy premium content subscriptions apart from any underlying service. Furthermore, it seems to be selectively promoting a new deal that reduces the price of its 4K Plus bundle to as low as $5 per month, as was previously announced.

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