WhatsApp Messenger beta APK Brings Serious Improvements

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For many months during COVID lockdowns, WhatsApp represented the best idea for having a fun time in the case of many individuals. In case you’re wondering how is that possible, the explanation is simple: the famous instant-messaging app gave them the opportunity to meet in virtual conferences and have a laugh together once again.

WhatsApp Messenger beta is now available in APK format via APKMirror, and it improves group calls even more than before! Meta seems to have understood very well that group calls represent the future, and it has all the interest to insist on that area since there are so many people out there willing to call one another.

What’s new in WhatsApp Messenger beta

WhatsApp Messenger beta brings a nice set of improvements for those having phones that run on at least Android 4.1:

  • Message reactions are updated, as well as the ability to react with any emoji the user wants.
  • A maximum number of 512 people can now participate in a group.
  • The maximum file size accepted was increased to 2GB.
  • You can mute people on group calls or send them a message by long pressing their tile.
  • Extra improvements and fixes were also added.

The change log also specifies that the new features will be rolling out over the next weeks. This means that all WhatsApp users can do (that means… everybody?) is just chill out and have some patience.

People have been waiting a lot to see the group member limit getting increased, and it’s great to see that Meta is finally granting their wish!

There are two download versions available in WhatsApp Messenger beta, and there’s no bundle included. Only simple APK files are exposed, and that can be pretty much everything users need.

What do you think about WhatsApp Messenger beta APK? Would you download it?

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