Free 15gb Of Bandwidth For Using The VPN Service Is Available To Certain Edge Users

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In the last several months, Microsoft has been developing a built-in VPN functionality in Edge called Microsoft Edge Secure Network. It seems that the monthly data cap for certain customers of this VPN has been raised dramatically, from 1 GB to 15 GB, however this change appears to have just recently taken place. Leopeva64-2, a Reddit user who often finds unreleased functionality in Edge, uncovered the update.

Cloudflare powers Microsoft’s Edge VPN service, which is quite simple. The purpose of this VPN is just to hide your online identity, unlike full-fledged VPN services that enable you switch to a different country. All data sent and received is encrypted & your IP address is disguised so that no one can monitor it or trace you, and Cloudflare will direct your traffic to the servers nearest to your place so that you continue to be delivered material that is relevant to where you are.

Since even a simple service like this requires server resources, offering infinite bandwidth for free isn’t realistic. However, 1 GB is certainly a low threshold, and for some users, the feature may be rendered mostly ineffective. 15GB should be plenty to sometimes utilize Microsoft Edge Secure Network for online browsing. Although it is a free service, it is rather handy; nonetheless, you should not use it to download many huge files.

There is a catch, however. There’s a chance that the 15 GB cap is a limited-time promotion available to certain Edge Insiders. The second phrase in that paragraph has just recently been added, suggesting that Microsoft is only now testing with an enhanced data limit for select customers, as stated on the revised help page for Microsoft Edge Secure Network. Whether or whether it will be incorporated in the finished product once it’s publicly distributed is a mystery.

Yes, it seems that not everyone has access to this functionality even though it has been accessible to Edge Insiders in the Canary channel since May. Edge Secure Network may not be available even if you are part of the Canary channel. This test may be a precursor to Microsoft’s eventual rollout of a free 1GB plan beside a premium plan with greater data. We have contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this story accordingly whenever we hear back.

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