MultiVersus: Top Specials For Reindog Season 1

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Find out which specials are the most beneficial to Reindog. The sole player character designed specifically for the game is the fluffy guardian. In the land of the Zanifeer, our reindeer-dog serves as a royal guard. Do not be fooled by his cute exterior; he harbors ferocious intentions. He will not rest until those under his care have the assurance that they are safe.

He plays the role of silent guardian and silent supporter, as we discussed earlier. If we want to avoid falling over the edge, we’ll have to concentrate on blocking his horizontal attacks. Because of his individuality, we’ve had trouble deciding where he should land on the tier chart. He is firmly in the cuddly category.

All of Reindog’s specials in MultiVersus are listed below. Let’s get on board right away!

  • Neutral

Cast a heart-tethered PROJECTILE tied to Reindog, doing damage to opponents that overlap it over and over again with neutral specials. The tether’s duration can be extended by linking with companions. When the input is pressed again, the tether is withdrawn, taking pals with it.

  • Up


Raise a crystal over Reindog’s head, and CHARGE it. The crystal will spawn higher in the air above Reindog if you charge it. Every few seconds, it will launch a bolt of lightning crashing to the ground, inflicting SHOCKED to any opponents it reaches there. If the bolt hits Reindog or his buddy, they will become ELECTRIFIED, making their next opponent SHOCKED.



Reindog will topple down and roll along the floor. Reindog is a throwable ITEM that your allies can pick up and use to attack foes.

  • Down


Cast FIREBALL CHARGE, then shoot a fireball PROJECTILE in an arc, doing IGNITED to foes in its path. When you put some gas into the fireball, it will go much further. Creates a risk in the firewall when struck. Firewall foes that overlap each other are repeatedly IGNITED. If an ally’s PROJECTILE gets through, it will explode on impact. Many shots can be taken before COOLDOWN is required. The lifetime of the fireball is drastically shortened when COOLDOWN is activated.



The projectiles fly downward and lack any sort of charge.

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