Fortnite Brings Back Crash Pads

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It was anticipated that this week’s Fortnite update will include the return of planes to the game, which was something that quite a few players were extremely enthusiastic about. Crash Pads have been reinstated into the game and are once again accessible at this time for some unknown reason; nonetheless, that particular occurrence has not taken place.

The dataminer’s reaction to the announcement has been echoed by others in the comments section of the post where Hypex made the announcement that the enormous inflatable object is now available once more in Fortnite. That there is a degree of randomness about it. Even if Epic Games’ decisions to vault and unvault certain items and weaponry in Fortnite don’t necessarily have a deeper meaning, the decision to bring back Crash Pads seems a bit strange. Not just because there is no practical application for them, but also because they were removed from the game just a little while ago.

When there isn’t a compelling cause to unvault an item, there is typically a significant delay involved. Take, for instance, the X-4 Stormwing aircraft in the fleet. After the discovery of a datamined challenge, rumors began to circulate that planes will make their way back to The Loop this coming week. one that is impossible to finish without the use of a plane. Because that challenge was removed from the update for today before it went live, it may be assumed that Stormwings will remain unavailable for the foreseeable future.

The negative reception that their surprise reappearance received may have dissuaded Epic from following through with their plan. Crash Pads are an option that is far safer, despite the fact that they can be rather perplexing.

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