Squidward’s Suicide – New Unsettling TikTok Trend Explained

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SpongeBob SquarePants is undoubtedly a well loved animated series by an entire generation of people so it’s no surprise that a bizarre and rather dark story involving one of the fan-favorite characters, Squidward, has been trending on TikTok.

In case it somehow hasn’t reached your “For you page” yet, here’s everything you need to know!

Squidward is usually a humorous character but he is also quite unpleasant at times, which makes him a rather relatable character to many out there.

More precisely, he often says and does things that people sometimes wish they could in real life.

To add even more to his reliability, his stressful work conditions and failure to find peace and calm are the main reasons why he acts the way he acts.

With that being said, a new TikTok trend amongst fans of the series centers around the googled question “How did Squidward die?”

This is directly linked to a lost Creepypasta episode known as Unknown Objectives Pasta Type Lost Episode Red Mist aka Squidward’s Suicide.

This episode was supposedly first meant to be the opener for season four of the beloved series and Squidward is shown to shoot himself in the head using a shotgun.

As told by a Nickelodeon intern, the production staff was watching the episode when the footage changes to show terrifying images of violence and ghostly sounds are heard, neither of which were ever authorized to be featured.

The TikTok trend involves creators on the platform recording a short video in which they react to the question “How did Squidward die?” both before knowing the answer and after actually looking it up.

Sure enough, the first result of this search shows the character shooting himself in the head in the deleted episode.

Of course, this unsettling story started on Creepypasta, a website hosting a great number of scary urban legends, typically linked to the online space and user generated. This is where you can find and read the whole story – if you’re brave enough.

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