Clermont Twins: Watch Photos of Them Before and After Surgery

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Credit: Blac Goss

Shannon and Shannade Clermont, who are known as the Clermont twins, have embraced success pretty much in their lifetime. The Bad Gals Club made them famous, and there is plenty of evidence now that the girls had been through some plastic surgery.

The Clermont twins have had some pretty active lives so far, as they’ve been through some interesting twists and turns. It’s time to see the differences between their faces and bodies before and after the supposed surgery. Check out for yourself some photos that we have thanks to The Tech Education, and leave us a comment if you also think that the Clermont twins had been through surgery or not:

Credit: The Tech Education
Credit: The Tech Education


Plastic surgery is certainly not for everyone, as it could even become dangerous sometimes. Apparently, the Clermont girls seem to be fine, but we’ll probably know more about their status pretty soon.

The reactions online about the supposed surgery started to flow, and not everybody was delighted by the new look of the girls.

@officialtaygray explained as The Tech Education quotes:

I’m all for cosmetic surgery, but I worry about The Clermont Twins, Aubrey O’Day, and others who are just CONSTANTLY morphing and changing. I want them to feel like they’re enough Woozy face bc eventually it goes wrong.

Fresh news on the subject will come pretty soon!

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