Facebook Lite 319. APK Becomes Available

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Facebook Lite is once again going through some changes, and it’s nice to find that out, considering that Meta’s app was built to make the user experience even better than in the case of the classical app. Version 319. is now available for Facebook Lite, and you can grab it in APK form.

There are even five download variants available for the new Facebook Lite 319., and all of them come in APK form. For three of those download variants, you can have any Android version installed above Android 4 in order for your device to be compatible. For the other two remaining options, you need at least Android 8.

There’s no change log available, which means that, most probably, the new update doesn’t bring any spectacular changes to Facebook Lite.

You can still use Facebook Lite in just about the same way you’ve been doing it with the standard version of the app: seeing what your friends are up to, bringing your own favorite content to the world, hitting and become obsessed about those ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons, and so on.

The Google Play Store says about the Facebook Lite app:

Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever with the Facebook Lite app! Use Facebook Lite as a friends app to connect and keep up with your social network. The Facebook Lite app is small, allowing you to save space on your phone and use Facebook in 2G conditions. Many of the classic features of Facebook are available on the app, such as sharing to a Timeline, liking photos, searching for people, and editing your profile and groups.

Facebook Lite was downloaded from the Play Store over 1 billion times, and most probably, a lot more people will keep grabbing and using the app in the near future.

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