Dragon Ball is Getting a New Web Series – Check Out the Details

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Perhaps you’ve already found out that the Dragon Ball Super anime will be back in business next year. A second season of the show will come, and it will most probably present the adventures of the manga.

But another Dragon Ball show will be available exclusively on the web, according to renowned and trustworthy Twitter user @DBSChronicles. The anime will become available in 2023, and there is still a lot more to find out about it.

A new episode every week

The upcoming Dragon Ball anime will be distributed as a new episode every week that will be under 23 minutes long. This is not surprising at all. The same source also confirms the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime, and we can guess that it will most probably start with the Moro arc from the manga version. Luckily, the manga continued the story in Dragon Ball Super long after the events of the Tournament of Power. Two major arcs have already been presented in the manga.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect about the upcoming web series of Dragon Ball that will start in 2023 is that it will not be a continuation of Dragon Ball Super. That’s indeed understandable, as the manga took care of that mission. However, a parallel story would definitely not represent anything new in Dragon Ball.

We can expect the upcoming web series to set the story at some point in the numerous plot holes that exist in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. We can surely expect new transformations from Goku and Vegeta, new villains, and older villains being brought back and improved. Only Zeno knows everything that will be available for sure in the upcoming show.

Dragon Ball is an anime series that’s already almost 40 years old.



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