COVID-19 Pills: Will They Help Us With the Pandemic?

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Merck and Pfizer have announced that their oral drug has promising results. There’s also an antidepressant that could change the way we live through a pandemic. Could this be our saving? Could a Covid-19 pill change our lives forever?

So what’s with these treatments?

These pills are taken orally as soon as the first symptoms make their appearance. It helps you in avoiding serious forms of the illness, and there’s a high chance you won’t be admitted to the hospital. This is exactly what we needed to end the pandemic. And Merck and Pfizer have positive results for us.

Back in October, Merck stated that they are seeking authorization in the United States for the molnupiravir pill, and Pfizer will follow after with paxlovid. These drugs are both antivirals, and they reduce the ability of the virus to replicate, hence, slowing down the disease. molnupiravir can reduce the risk by 50%, while paxlovid by 90%. Fluvoxamine, an antidepressant already available to the public, showed promising results in preventing serious forms of the virus.

If these pills are really that effective, we could fight the pandemic more easily. We know that the vaccines also work, but since they are injected, they are more difficult to take. But you could easily take a pill at home.

The pill does not present many side effects. Stephen Griffin, a British virologist, stated: “The success of these antivirals potentially marks a new era in our ability to prevent the severe consequences of Sars-CoV2 infection.”

However, we are waiting for the clinical trials data to be available. But knowing Pfizer, this is probably not only an empty promise. There are a few things that may complicate the matter, one of them being that they both stopped their clinical trials earlier than expected, since they got strong results. And fluvoxamine has its complicated parts, as well.

As of now, we’re waiting to hear more about these pills.


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