Gotham Knights: Red Hood Will Be The Most Atypical Batman Sidekick

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The official website boasts that Gotham Knights has the “most dynamic and interactive Gotham City yet,” and that the game will be available in October. While there have been some issues with Gotham Knights’ release on consoles, fans still seem eager for the game’s release.

The fact that Batman does not exist in the Gotham Knights timeline is one of the show’s most interesting twists. Because Batman is away, his many disciples, including Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin, must decide the fate of the corrupt metropolis. While it’s great that WB Games Montreal is delving into the Batman family, many fans are baffled by the nonviolent focus of Red Hood’s gameplay.

Red Hood origins

The character biography for Red Hood confirms that the vigilante was killed by the Joker and then revived by one of Batman’s most lethal opponents, making him arguably the most ethically conflicted of the four playable heroes. Unknown at this time is whether or not Red Hood came back to Gotham City as a deadly assassin, as he did in several comics and in Batman: Under the Red Hood. Gotham City is based on a foundation of corruption, so the creators made sure to explain that Red Hood “has difficulties keeping his rage in check” and intends to make crime pay.

The crime fighter has always been tougher on bad guys than his sidekicks. The Red Hood gameplay trailer is as vicious as the guy himself. Jason’s arsenal includes two pistols capable of dealing immense damage in addition to his fists, which he uses to subdue his enemies. His tactics include pushing individuals off of rooftops, slamming them to the ground, and shooting them in the crotch.

Some fans are confused by this clip in light of Red Hood’s biography because it doesn’t make it clear where Red Hood is in his character development. Red Hood, played by Stephen Oyoung, says in the trailer, “Bruce gave [him] a purpose,” and Jason has adopted Batman’s non-lethal combat skills, as detailed in Red Hood’s character biography.

It is known that the weapons fire “armor piercing” nonlethal rounds, most likely made of wood or rubber, although this does not mean that they cannot cause death. Single shots can cause serious internal bleeding, nerve damage, and bone fractures. Even if Red Hood has learned to manage his strength and can deliver violent blows that won’t kill a human, the vigilante still appears to take great pleasure in the brutality he is dealing, guns or no guns. This doesn’t disprove his advocacy for nonlethal methods, but it does cast serious doubt on Red Hood’s use of brawler attacks and sticky explosives.

It would be possible for Gotham Knights to go deeply into Red Hood’s history and the psychological trauma he has through, from the rage he felt as a teenager to the rage he feels now that he has been resurrected. The choice would allow Jason to grow as a character and spark a fascinating philosophical debate about what it means to be a member of the Batman family. After all, the backstory between Nightwing and Batgirl demonstrates that WB Games Montreal isn’t afraid to inject some tension into its action games.

The Red Hood’s unique approach to fighting and strategy sets him apart from the other characters and serves as a major point of differentiation from Batman. He can punch hard and shoot accurately, making him a formidable opponent in any setting. With this in consideration, Red Hood has potential to be a very engaging and story-relevant playable character in Gotham Knights.

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