Youtube Music Introduces Time-Synced Lyrics

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There is a plethora of high-quality options available for listening music online or through mobile applications. While many have similar features—such as access to a large music library—there are subtle differences that set each one apart. YouTube Music isn’t getting as much attention as Apple Music or Spotify, but it’s still a solid option if you’re looking for a music streaming service. Having said that, it seems that a new version of YouTube Music is being sent out to certain users, bringing with it a new user interface and the ability to cast the app to a compatible device with time-synced lyrics.

  • Very reminiscent of Apple Music’s lyrics UI

  • background is a blurred/zoomed version of the album art with white text for lyrics

  • at the beginning of the song, album art is at the center with no text on screen. Then the album art moves to the right, the artist/title text appears, and the lyrics appear

New UI for casting to TV now includes live lyrics from YoutubeMusic

A Reddit member broke the news and provided information, along with a screenshot, of the new function. Even though it wasn’t the most in-depth article, the user did make some observations about the new UI and mention how it reminded them of Apple Music’s lyrics UI. Moreover, when YouTube Music is casted and the lyrics are shown, the album image is moved to the left and the words are displayed on the right. Also, the album image is obscured and the words are timed to the music.

Seeing as how this option is presently unavailable while browsing lyrics on a smartphone or tablet via the YouTube Music app, this is a significant thing. Time-synced lyrics seem to be a feature of a casting environment just at the moment. People at 9to5Google tried to reproduce it but were unsuccessful on a few devices. While this is certainly intriguing, it will be fascinating to see just how muchit will take for the feature to become accessible to a wider audience and when it will be possible to utilize it without casting.

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