Doodle – Easy Scheduling 5.0.9 APK Brings a Dark Mode and Bug Fixes

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Doodle, the app that hundreds of thousands of people use for scheduling, booking, responding to invites, and more, is now receiving its 5.0.9 update in the form of APK! You are already free to grab the update via APKMirror, the same place where you can find tons of free and safe-to-use Android APK downloads.

Doodle – Easy Scheduling 5.0.9 APK brings support for dark mode, which is such a useful and demanded feature nowadays! When you’re using your phone late in the night and before going to bed, it can become exhausting to not have a dark mode at your disposal for your favorite app. But that’s not all! The 5.0.9 update for Doodle also brings fixes for bugs and other technical problems of the software.

Minimum demand: Android 5

The update comes as a single download variant in the form of a simple APK file built on a universal architecture. To get the update, your device needs to be running on at least Android 5. There are many languages supported as well, which means that there’s no use worrying too much that yours won’t be available.

Here’s what a part of the app’s description, taken from the App Store, has to tell us:

Say goodbye to all the back-and-forth and no-shows. The Doodle app lets you send times for appointments, team meetings, and even share your rolling availability. See who has responded or booked a time and have us automatically send the event details after booking. Doodle makes scheduling happen—without the hassle.

With Doodle, you can schedule pretty much anything in just a few minutes. You can also let others know about your availability through a link. You also have the possibility of booking group meetings very fast.

Do you have too many friends, and you’re automatically getting too many invites? Doodle can handle things for you in this area as well by allowing you to respond to those invites!

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