Google Wallet Becomes Available – See What the App Brings

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It’s 2022, and you might find it a lot more efficient and comfortable to replace that bulky physical wallet from your pocket with an app that can take its role with ease. Who said that only Samsung could do such a thing?

Google Wallet app is up for grabs by all users now. And yes, you have already guessed what the software is all about: replacing that bulky physical wallet from your pocket. Credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, boarding passes, transit passes, vaccine cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, you name it! You can store them all in the Google Wallet app! You can even use the software to access your card keys.

You are free to grab the new Google Wallet app from the Google Play Store!

Google even claims that the app is so secure that it gives the user all the security features that are present in the Android phone.

However, it needs to be said that there are some expectations that the users will have to meet in order to download Google Wallet. Their phone will have to run at least the 5.2 version of Android. Of course, this is more like a formal demand since most probably everyone has at least Android 10 nowadays. Users will also need to have a Google account, which, again, represents nothing complicated to achieve. You can make one in just a few minutes at no cost. Last but not least, those willing to get their hands on the Google Wallet app will also need a valid US phone number.

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