Microsoft Outlook Lite is Coming Soon for Android Devices

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Perhaps nobody can deny the tremendous importance of the Outlook app, whether you have it installed on the phone or your laptop. Keeping all your email accounts in one place is crucial nowadays. You may often find yourself in the position of being forced to make another email account overnight, as you never know when a service you had subscribed to will start sending you hordes of emails that you’re not interested in.

Microsoft Outlook has been doing its job fairly well since its initial release ten years ago. But in 2022, more speed is always a bonus, so we just need to check out what the new Lite version has to offer.

Microsoft Outlook Lite launches in July 2022 for Android

The Verge reveals that Microsoft is working on a lite version for its Outlook app for Android phones. The software will basically be the old Outlook app but with faster performance and smaller file size. Outlook Lite is destined for low-end devices.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the US, the UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Australia, or Antarctica! The new Outlook Lite app for Android will roll out this month worldwide! This means that you can sit tight regardless of where you are and simply keep your phone connected to your WiFi or any other internet source you might have!

Microsoft’s upcoming app will even feature a dark more, but there’s no use hoping for it to land along with the app itself. The dark mode will most probably arrive at a later date, and we have to say that it’s good news!

If you have any problems or questions about the Outlook Lite app for Android, you can go ahead and check out Microsoft’s documentation regarding the new software.

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