WhatsApp: Message Reactions Start Rolling Out

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Sending an instant message, video, or song to somebody else in a matter of seconds, although the person can even be on the other side of the globe, represents one of the most miraculous things about the technology of nowadays. But if you also get to react to an instant message with an emoticon, you can become even more expressive.

Perhaps that’s the same thing that the developers of WhatsApp had in mind as well when they decided to bring message reactions for their users. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is already being rolled out for some beta users of the Facebook-owned app.

Updating to beta version will get you the new functionality

Message reactions are already live for some WhatsApp users after making the update to version Since the feature is being rolled out, try to be patient if it’s not already running on your phone! There should be six reactions. They may not be numerous, but it could mean enough for what people need. The reactions are like, love, surprised, sad, laugh, and thanks.

WhatsApp constantly tries to give new things for the fans to enjoy. It could not have been otherwise considering that there are billions of users that constantly need to be pleased. For instance, in late 2021, WhatsApp brought an interesting feature for its chatting system. What the feature meant is the possibility for users to set messages to be deleted automatically when they need to.

It seemed like only a matter of time until message reactions would become available for WhatsApp as well, as other competitor apps such as Telegram or Twitter already had the feature for quite a while. Competition is often beneficial, as it brings progress. Of course, not everybody will see the implementation as being useful, but many users will surely like it.

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