Twitter Will Warn You If You Are About To Make A Potentially Offensive Post

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A new function has been added to Twitter, which prompts users to assess content before it can be shared on the platform if it contains potentially hazardous content. Twitter is sending out a warning to its users, asking them to refrain from sharing content that could be dangerous or abusive on the platform. Despite the fact that the Twitter Edit tool has been in the public eye for quite some time, the social media platform has not yet introduced it publicly.

An anonymous tipster in India discovered a feature that allows users to modify their Tweets before they are published, and they shared screenshots of the feature with the community. This suggests that the functionality has been available for some time.

The preventive edit button is now available to users of Twitter.
The images of the Twitter Edit button were revealed on the 20th of June 2022 by the well-known Indian informant Mukul Sharma. Sharma mentioned that the Twitter Edit button is now available, but that it can only be used on tweets that have the potential to be aggressive or inflammatory. According to the snapshot that the source of the information provided, Twitter appears to display a prompt that reads:

“Most Tweeters don’t post replies like this. We’re asking Tweeters to review replies with potentially harmful or offensive language.”

Twitter displays three buttons beneath the message: one for tweeting, one for modifying the post, and one for deleting it. On the other hand, the feature appears to be more of a preventative filter than a warning system that alerts users before they publish problematic content.

Sharma also notes that the microblogging platform is testing a new like/dislike function, as well as a new way in which it presents analytics like likes, comments, and retweets, right in the notification area. This comes as an added bonus to the information provided by Sharma. Users will be able to interact with tweets directly from the notification area after the feature is implemented. The buttons for giving a like or a dislike are located in the upper right-hand corner of the notification card. The notification area also displays other data, such as the number of comments and retweets associated with a tweet.

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