It’s the End of the Road for the BuzzFeed News App

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BuzzFeed News is more than ten years old, and it’s finally the end of the road for the app. The company informed that the app would be shut down, and the software has released its last notification, according to the New York Post.

Once again, we can be convinced that nothing lasts forever in this world, as our parents and grandparents say. We can guess that growing cost cuts might have played a role in the decision to shut down the app.

However, there’s no use starting to cry already if you’re a fan of the app. You can still get enough of the BuzzFeed reporting by simply downloading the BuzzFeed app.


Furthermore, there are so many news apps out there for any of us to choose from! We can keep them installed on our phones and always check them when we’re in need of staying informed. Here are some strong alternatives to the BuzzFeed News app: Google News, Flipboard, BBC News App, Reuters, The New York Times, DIGG, AP Mobile, and a lot more.

If you’re interested in the ‘CNN Breaking US & World News,’ here’s how the description from the Play Store sounds:

Dive deeper into the news by subscribing to the innovative new streaming service, CNN+. CNN+ is focused on delivering the most important stories to you at your convenience. CNN+ combines the best of CNN’s library of Original Series and Films with new and interactive programs to keep you informed and engaged with the world like never before.

There are a total of 2.87 million apps present in the Google Play Store, including the ones made for providing news. The majority of software (roughly 98%) is free of charge, although in-app fees might occur.

How about you? What mobile app do you use to stay informed?

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