Top Reasons Why Third-Party WhatsApp Apps Do Not Work

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WhatsApp and Its Limitations

In this world of social media, WhatsApp plays an important role. Through WhatsApp, we can connect with people without much hassle. However, it has some limitations. For instance, you have no privacy and you can’t customize the settings on WhatsApp as per your liking. For example, you cannot hide your last seen status; you cannot avoid the blue ticks. Also, you cannot broadcast to more than 250 users.

The Need for Third-Party Apps

To overcome these limitations, WhatsApp users turn towards third-party apps that help solve these issues. There are a lot of these apps that claim to facilitate the features of WhatsApp. Some of the most common are GB WhatsApp, Transcriber, WAMR, SKEDit scheduling App, Notifly, CropShop, and many more. With these additional Apps, the functionality of WhatsApp increases many folds. However, often, these apps users face issues like these are not the actual functionalities. Hence problems often arise due to faulty synchronization. The most common problems are as follows.

The Reasons Why These Third-Party Apps Don’t Work

Stated below are a few common issues. Please keep in mind that WhatsApp does not own these apps:

  1. Network Issue: First and foremost, you need to check your network. Ensure that your internet signals are strong. The apps stop working if they don’t find the proper signals.
  2. Service Issues: You need to narrow down your problem. Check whether your device isn’t responding or if the trouble is coming due to the service providers. You can check by going to the main site of the service providers. If the App itself is down, then there will be an update on the site.
  3. Incorrect Date and Time: Often, the apps pick up the default date and time, which might differ from your device’s date and time. This causes issues, and the App stops working. You need to select your region and the automatic time to correct this.
  4. Security Apps: The security apps cause a hindrance in the proper running of these apps. Either you disable these security apps, or you can whitelist your desired App. This can be done through the configure option in your android device.
  5. Outdated Version: These apps do not have the automatic update option like WhatsApp. Instead, you need to get the updated version manually.

How to resolve these Issues?

Reinstall Your App        

These apps are susceptible to getting corrupt and stop working. So, you need to uninstall and reinstall these apps.

Clear Cache 

If the App keeps getting hanged, you need to force stop it through the settings and then clear the phone’s cache memory. It gets rid of the temporary files. This can be done through the storage option.

Enable AutoStart           

An android device should restart if the device reboots or end unexpectedly. However, on some devices, the option of AutoStart is disabled. You need to enable it manually.

I hope the above-stated reasons will address your issues.

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