One Piece Chapter 1053: Who Are the Four New Emperors?

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Now that the long fight between Kaido and Luffy is over, Eiichiro Oda is starting to work on the Final Saga of One Piece. The Wano country prepares a big party for Joy Boy in the last chapter. CP0 has a hard time believing that two emperors have died at the same time. Now, everyone in One Piece is excited to discover who will be the new Four Emperors. The answer will come in Chapter 1053 of the manga series, which is good news.

All you need to know about the new chapter

Everyone on the island of Onigashima is happy that Luffy beat Kaido, and Momo is now in charge of the Wano country as the new Shogun. Everyone is too busy with the big feast to notice that Ryokugyu is almost there, and we might finally find out more about the admiral.

One Piece chapter 1053 won’t be out for a few more days, but some spoilers for it have already been posted online. The leaks say that the next manga chapter will be called “The New Emperors,” so we all know what the chapter will be about.

There is a full-color spread in the chapter that talks about the upcoming One Piece Odyssey video game. The events will start by showing that Luffy, Law, and Kid each have new bounties of 3 Billion Berries. The fact that Luffy’s wanted poster shows him in his Gear 5 form is interesting.

We also find out that Hitetsu is really Kozuki Sukiyaki, and that he is telling Robin about Pluton’s arrival in the land of Wano. The next part of the chapter is about Ryokugyu, whose real name is Aramaki. It’s interesting that Aramaki can make plants and use other people to get nutrients. Ryokugyu has used this power against King and Queen.

The whole island joins in the party, and in the middle of everything, Kid gives Luffy a newspaper. The paper shows the following, which is interesting: Shanks, Teach, Luffy, and Buggy are the four rulers. So, Yes! The first rumors were true, and “Buggy the Star Clown” is Yonko from One Piece.

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