GTA+ Benefits for June Are Incredible: Here’s What You’re Missing

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This month, Rockstar Games just released the full list of what GTA+ can do for you. The last day for players to get their rewards is June 29. With this premium subscription program, GTA+ members can get bonuses like $500,000 and Shark Cards, among other things.

GTA Online has finally come, and we’re here to tell you all of the benefits.

Property benefits

When it comes to military-grade Bunkers, players should have them ready to go. At the moment, Rockstar is giving away the following property perks:

  • Raton Canyon’s Bunker
  • Three different ways to the inside of a bunker

Players can claim these prizes by going to the website for Maze Bank Foreclosures. Since Raton Canyon is close to Los Santos, it is a popular place to set up a Bunker. When it comes to research, these properties are very helpful because they let players unlock special gear and weapons.

Vehicle benefits

In GTA Online, the different Mk II versions of weapons are very useful. A tailor-made workshop from the Mobile Operations Center is a good place to start (MOC). This month, GTA+ members will get the following:

  • Phantom Custom
  • Mobile Operations Center (MOC)

GTA+ members can get their free cars by going to Warstock Cache and Carry. But to store the MOC, they will need a Bunker. It can be moved with the help of the Phantom Custom.

Mobile Operation Missions games can be played with the MOC. They can also try out workshops for weapons and cars.

Additional benefits

In this game, everyone will need to look their best. They can show off their sense of style with the following:

  • Blue Glow Necklace
  • Blue Stitch Emitive Mask
  • Stars and War
  • Camo Liveries

This month, these items will be sent automatically to people who have subscriptions. They can either look at their clothes in a safehouse or go to a store that sells clothes. At the MOC vehicle workshop, you can get the camo paint job.

Event bonuses

GTA+ members can get discounts and other perks. For the month of June, they can have the following:

  • 50% bonus for Gunrunning Sell Missions
  • 2x rewards for Double Down adversary modes
  • 50% off Bunker Supplies

The PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store are always good places for players to sign up for membership. They can also use GTA Online to apply. Remember that the perks change about once a month.


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