Fortnite’s New Season Comes With New Surprises: Get Darth Vader ASAP

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After a few months of intense battles and a live event with a giant mech, the latest season of Fortnite is surprisingly calm. In fact, season 3 of the third chapter of the game is just called “Vibin’.” It brings a lot of big changes to the island, like a new amusement park with a roller coaster and a strange-looking forest that’s called Reality Falls, where players can plant and grow magical saplings to get better loot.

When it comes to the gameplay, the season brings back the Baller, which was a fan favorite.  It has more health, it can float on water, and it has a battery that will eventually run out, so make sure you keep that in mind.  It also looks like you can go crazy on a roller coaster with one. You can also ride on boars, and “storm sickness” is a new feature that will be added in Season 3. Here’s how Epic, the company that made Fortnite, describes it:

‘If you stay in the storm too long cumulatively in a match, you’ll develop storm sickness, an ailment that accelerates the storm’s decay of your health. But don’t worry: storm sickness never comes as a surprise — you’ll receive a warning if you’re close to getting it. And fortunately, the cure for storm sickness is simply exiting the storm. If you re-enter it, however, it’ll immediately affect you again.’

The battle pass

A new season means you can buy a new battle pass, which means you can buy more characters. The best thing about this season is Darth Vader, who would go well with Obi-Wan. There is also a new character called Snap that you can customize by unlocking new parts. B attle pass owners will be able to unlock Indiana Jones soon.

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