Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Will Be an Xbox Exclusive

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Since Bethesda Softworks announced a new Indiana Jones game at the beginning of this year, we have all been waiting to see if it will only be available on Xbox.

Bethesda said that they are planning a new Indiana Jones game. This was right after they released Deathloop, which was a huge success but was only available for a limited time on PlayStation. Bethesda said in the announcement that Indiana Jones would have its own story and be led by Todd Howard, who is known for the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.

Since the game is still in its early stages of development, we might not hear a lot about it.  Since Microsoft bought Bethesda, this has led many people to guess about many things, including if Indiana Jones will be an Xbox-only game.

Industry insiders argue about whether or not Indiana Jones should be an Xbox exclusive.

Is it Xbox exclusive?

Even two respected experts in the field can’t seem to agree on a solution. On the ‘The Xbox Two’ podcast, an industry insider named Jez Corden said that Indiana Jones would not be an Xbox-only game. This news spread over the weekend.

After talking about games that were only available on PlayStation, someone said that Indiana Jones was only available on Xbox. Jez said, “It isn’t, I pretty much know it isn’t.” Jez did say that he knew that a long time ago, so some details may have changed since then.

Then, another insider, Shpeshal Nick, replied, “I was told it was exclusive.” Even though both sides are very trustworthy, it looks like someone’s source is wrong this time. Or, one has information that is more up-to-date than the other. Even though insiders know all the details before they are made public, plans often change.

For now, it might be best to wait until Bethesda makes an official announcement. But since development is still in its early stages, don’t expect to know the answer any time soon.

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