Fortnite is Coming Back to iPhones

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If you also miss those times when the insanely-popular battle royale Fortnite was running on iPhones, you’re not alone. The game is known for being pretty much the same on all platforms, whether we’re talking about consoles, PC, or phones.

Perhaps you know very well what the drill was with the dispute between Apple and Epic Games that led to Fortnite not being available for iPhones anymore. Surely you’ve heard about it if you’re a Fortnite fan! But you know what they say that time solves it all!

Fortnite is available for iPhones once again reveals that Fortnite is available to play once again on iPhones. This is due to the battle royale game becoming available on the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

Do you like Star Wars? Have you pretended to ever fight with a lightsaber with someone, meaning the iconic sword that has a laser instead of a metal blade? If your answer to both questions is ‘yes,’ it means you must know that Fortnite is getting some exciting Star Wars-like elements this May as well! Epic Games itself brings the awesome news via its website.

Last month, Fortnite was massively improved with some new ‘toys’ for the players to use in trying to take down their opponents. Therefore, the game received jet packs, the Anvil Launcher for taking down vehicles, as well as the Heavy Sniper Rifle. It’s all up to the player to test out each one of them to see which one suits his needs the most.

Therefore, make sure you grab that iPhone of yours as soon as possible, and you start playing Fortnite if you have such a device! The game remains incredibly fun to play and addictive, and it’s even getting regular updates from the developers of Epic Games! What more could you ask?

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