Update V20.10 of Fortnite Brings New Content and Bug Fixes for the Game

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When you think about battle royale games, one of the first titles that pop into the mind is Fortnite. The two terms have become almost synonyms, and it couldn’t have been otherwise considering the huge popularity of Fortnite. Last but not least, the game has been free-to-play since its release, which also is a decisive fact.

According to GameRant.com, Fortnite was recently updated to version 20.10. The update is already live regardless of the platform you choose to use for playing Fortnite, whether we’re talking about the consoles, Windows PCs, or even mobile devices. Thanks to the publication mentioned earlier, we also know what the update brings, and let’s mention some of the exciting stuff!

Don’t miss the Anvil Launcher

The Anvil Launcher is a new weapon added to Fortnite, and you should surely dare to put it to the test! The weapon is great for taking down vehicles if the old weapons don’t work. The Anvil Launcher is even equipped with a scope so that you’ll be sure that you don’t miss your target.

Jet Packs are back

You can now use a jet pack to fly around the map in Fortnite, which is awesome. It lets you explore the surroundings better and much faster than ever. In Fortnite, time is a luxury players don’t always have, considering that the enemy can come at any moment. That’s how things go in battle royale games: literally, everyone can be your enemy since the last man standing wins the game!

The Heavy Sniper Rifle is back

You are free to use the Heavy Sniper Rifle once again in Fortnite after the update. The weapon was removed from the game for a while, but gladly, we can see and use it once again. Furthermore, the rifle was even improved.

Which one is your favorite addition in Fortnite and why? Feel free to tell us in the comment section!



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