GTA 6: Here’s the Possible Map of the Game

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There are probably more GTA 6 rumors on the internet than grains of sand on all the beaches of the world. But even so, we’re confident that the truth is hidden somewhere out there when it comes to the most anticipated game of the decade.

GTA 6 is its name, and keeping the fans curious is its game. The successor of the legendary GTA 5 wasn’t officially announced by Rockstar yet, but that day will surely arrive sooner or later. We know for sure that a new GTA game is in the works, although we’re not sure what its title is, courtesy of Rockstar Games itself.

Boco is a supposed insider of the company that’s developing GTA 6, and he has shared an image of what he claims to be the map of the long-awaited game:

At first glance, something tells us that it’s a bit more diverse than the map of GTA 5. That would surely be amazing, as the map of the 2013 game had it all: beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, sea, docks, islands, and more. In pretty much any area, you get to do something interesting with either one of the three protagonists, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

The map of GTA 5 was significantly bigger than the one present in GTA San Andreas, although the latter was a little more diverse. There were three major cities to choose from, and you could even navigate from one to another via airplane. But the weakest point of GTA San Andreas was the graphics of the game. But hey, what could you possibly expect from a game released almost two decades ago?

Apart from the map, whether the rumor that makes the subject of this article is true or not, we know from other rumors that GTA 6 should also get three protagonist characters. One of them will be a woman, which represents great news for many people.

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