Check Out the Specs for OnePlus Nord N20, a Phone Coming to the US

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Competition is almost always a good thing. OnePlus keeps trying to dominate the smartphone market by releasing powerful gadgets, and its upcoming Nord N20 model is surely worthy of our attention, although it’s not exactly a flagship.

OnePlus Nord N20 will become official soon, and reveals its specs. We have to say right from the start that the device’s capabilities aren’t impressive, but they still make it a phone powerful enough to be considered at least a mid-range.

A decent display

For the standards of 2022, when everybody is taking photos and recording videos with their phones, the display of the OnePlus Nord N20 is pretty decent. We’re talking about an AMOLED panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz, and that measures 6.43 inches. For those who don’t like the fingerprint sensor of a phone to be placed outside the display, OnePlus has some good news for you. The Chinese firm’s upcoming phone features a fingerprint sensor mounted on the display itself. As for the resolution of the OnePlus Nord N20, it’s set at FHD+.

OnePlus COO Kindler Liu explained about the screen, as quotes, that it “offers low power consumption as well as better contrast, more vivid colors, and a wider color gamut than what is currently on sale in the North America affordable device market”.

North America might seem to benefit from the OnePlus Nord N20 the most, and here’s what else Liu declared, as quotes:

Our OnePlus Nord devices for North America, Europe, and India deliver our signature software experience, great performance, and more for their respective price points. We are confident that all the devices in our OnePlus Nord series are competitive in their respective markets at their respective price points,

OnePlus still proves that it has an important role to play in the smartphone market, and we are eager to find out your own opinion about the upcoming phone of the company!



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