Dangerous Android Malware is Able to Steal Credentials for Many Financial Apps

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The more popular smartphones become, the more they are targeted by hackers willing to steal credit card info, passwords, etc. Furthermore, those handy little devices start to have larger screens and more powerful processors, making them even more prone to cyberattacks.

AndroidPolice.com now raises awareness about a new powerful type of malware that’s capable of taking over Android phones. Therefore, you should do your best to keep your phone safe, whether you choose to install a better antivirus or just have a more vigilant attitude than before.

Watch out for the Escobar malware!

Surely you’ve heard about Pablo Escobar. Although he passed away almost three decades ago, malware circulating and striking fear into our hearts carries his name. The Escobar malware is the one making the subject of this article, and there’s no wonder why it carries the name of the former narcoterrorist. The software is capable of stealing credentials for 190 financial apps and even MFA (multi-factor authentification) codes that are generated by the Authenticator app of Google.

The cunning Escobar malware can get into your phone through numerous ways, from phishing attacks to apps from the Google Play Store. The malware works by displaying fake login pages to grab your credentials. Those pages can imitate crypto wallets or banking apps. Escobar will also require a lot of permissions once it sneaks into your phone, but that alone should make you suspicious enough that something’s not right.

If you’re already eager to install antivirus software on your smartphone, we recommend BitDefender Total Security. For an annual subscription of just a few dozens of bucks, you’ll receive protection for up to 5 devices. Smartphones can also be protected using BitDefender, and such a measure has certainly become a “must” nowadays when malware attacks are soaring over the wide ocean of the internet.

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