New “Crow” Movie: Who Should Play The Protagonist?

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Director Alex Proyas attempted to bring the comic book “The Crow” by James O’Barr to life on stage in 1994. During the making of the movie, Brandon Lee was fatally shot by a pretend pistol and sadly died. He played Eric Draven, a singer who returns from the dead to revenge his death and the murder of his fiancée.

There are preparations in place to resuscitate the original live-action “Crow” series over 20 years after its closure. The next time you see a black and white-painted face at the movies, this is who you’ll be seeing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter dated April 1, 2022, the relaunch of “The Crow” officially began after years of behind-the-scenes effort. This time around, Snow White as well as the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders and producers Edward R Pressman & Malcolm Gray will be in charge of production. The screenplay will be written by Zach Baylin, and if there are no further production snags, main filming is expected to begin in Prague and Munich in June of this year.

It’s no surprise that nobody else other than Bill Skarsgård  will take on the role of the Crow. Skarsgrd, a veteran actor with more than 20 years of experience, is likely best recognized for his role as Pennywise in the latest “It” films. In addition to his efforts as the Kid on “Castle Rock,” Willard in “The Devil All the Time,” and Kro in Marvel Studios’ “Eternals,” he has garnered attention for his roles as the voice of the Deviant in those films as well. It is clear that he has the capability to play Eric Draven quite well.

The premiere date for “The Crow” hasn’t been announced yet, but given how early the film is in production, we’ll have to wait a little more to see how Bill Skarsgård portrays the titular character.

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